DELINEATING DODONG AND INDAY: A Baseline Study on the Informal Youth Employment in General Santos City

  • Norman Ralph B. Isla Mindanao State University—General Santos
  • Allan B. Castino Mindanao State University—General Santos
Keywords: informal youth employment, General Santos City, employment profile, youth


With the seeming presence of the working youth in the Philippines, the need to revisit and check the status of youth employment is viable. In the context of the growing city of General Santos, the study determined the situation of the informal youth employment as well as their socio-demographic profile, employment profile, reasons for working, and their concerns and needs. The study is a qualitative research and utilized descriptive method to meet the desired outcome. The youth considered in the study are aged 15-24 and residents of any of the Top 6 most populous barangays. The sectors included eateries/food services, fishing, agrivet supplies, educational services, construction work, transportation, domestic help, public market/retail stores, IT services, and offices. In terms of socio-demographic profile, the participants are at the average age of 18, mostly Cebuanos and schooling. Most sectors are low-paying so some participants are into short periods of service. Their working conditions are described as flexible, risky and dangerous, humid and dirty, near distant, and the jobs are often recommended by a family/friend. Their reasons for working are to support the family's needs, to provide for their personal needs and additional allowance, and to gain skills and experiences. The concerns and needs revealed that there were issues with compensation, social services benefits, incentives, facilities, and equipment, secured workplace, workload, overtime, employer’s treatment, health/sanitation, job tenure and salary deduction. The severity of the phenomenon must be revisited and reviewed by the authorities since any one of the variables may affect the status and the future of these young employees.

Author Biographies

Norman Ralph B. Isla, Mindanao State University—General Santos

English Department, College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Allan B. Castino, Mindanao State University—General Santos

History Department, College of Social Sciences and Humanities